Monday, November 22, 2010


Dear All,

So many things happened these few days..I doubt if I can still keep a sane mind or totally lost it sooner or later.

Today was the first day of my final examination for this semester. I wouldn't dare to say that I did well but I think I did whatever I am supposed to do and the rest is up to fate to decide.

Somehow I am still feeling terribly grateful and relieved when the question I am being tested on is related to McKenzie technique rather than the Massage or Peripheral Joint Mobilisation component. Thank You God for your blessings.

Two more days to go with tomorrow being Therapeutic Exercise Strand and Electro Modalities on the day after tomorrow. Hoping to get something which is in my capability.. *prays hard*

Last week, had an argument with my dad. Well, I have never seemed to get along with him anyway. Sometimes what he says does make sense but then I just hate it when he is being long winded and naggy. Moreover, sometimes he just irritates me because as much as his presence in my life is important, I do find it uncomfortable at the same time too.

Then just a day after we argued, I received news from my uncle that he was admitted to the hospital due to a fall..I do suspect that it might be due to him drinking too much prior to the fall since he was talking gibberish the other day when we were arguing through the phone.

I am not sure of his condition but at the moment,he is conscious but sustained injuries at his spine ( not sure which level though..but uncle did mention something about at the cervical neck region)..So currently he is paralysed from the lower extremities in which I am not very sure as well since I have yet to go visit him due to business in exam preparation etc. Anyway, I do hope he is okay and maybe visit him after my last examination. ( Deep inside me, I don't feel like seeing him at all because I don't want another argument to arise but still..sigh..)

As much as I have gotten used to this dysfunction family situation ( mummy one side and daddy another side and being pushed here and there ), sometimes I just get so emotional and abnormal.
After a long time since I last cried, I finally had a quick one yesterday night.Feeling lost and lonely and no one to share this with.

Anyway,for now as Willie told me, it is better to put aside family matters for now and concentrate on my exams instead..At least that is the best solution at the moment.

Well, time to get cracking and going..TE and Electro, I am gonna do my best to get through both of you.

Till then, take care and cheers.

Yours Truly,

Chris C

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  1. Dont worry, gonna be alright~i know u can go thru it well...have faith in urself, ur dad and ur family as well.^^ cheer up urself~