Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life in a Hell-hole

Dear all,

I am currently at Kuantan.. as mentioned previously, I am here for my 4th posting at the hospital here..

After being here for a week, all my excitement of coming over here has almost seep away..
This place is purely hell...

Things are expensive..in fact more expensive than KL..and the food sucks..My diet has totally being altered since day 1 itself..Somehow it is so hard to look for affordable and nutritious food here especially greens and fruits.. :(

Sort of tired of all the malay stall food..it's always "goreng-goreng" ( fried) assorted of food and not to mentioned the amount of oil and sugar..
I am now depending on oats and wholemeal for my fibre intake to allow smooth procession of the bowel system ( if you get what I mean)..
And my meal very much consist of biscuits and bread..kind of unhealthy..:( all the processed food..I am missing home already.

Then again, it is not all that bad when you have your friends around you..at least it makes things a lil tad bearable..Thanks gals!

What I can say is that I won't ever come to the eastern northern region for posting anymore if I can help it!! Nothing suits me here.. I am not a beach person and the things here are so freaking costly :(

Can't wait for my last day here..2 weeks + more to go...Wish me luck peeeps!

Till then, take care and see ya soon!

Yours ,

Chris C

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