Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letting it go ...

Dear all,

How is your weekend? Is it a lively one or a quiet one like mine?
Somehow I am feeling lost today..not knowing what to do on a Saturday.. wanted to go out but my financial status at the moment does not permit me to do so..

So what did I do today?

- Slept till 12 pm (OMG..I am such a pig but hey, cut me some slack..I need it after having sleepless nights due to assignment and revision )

- Workout in the house..yes, I need to burn off all those calories and fats due to my cookies overindulgence

- Jogging..err,yes again..same reason as above.. ( Somehow I sound like an exercise freak right? But then I am not fit at all *cries* )

- Karaoke session in the evening ( refer to below)

Currently while I'm writing this, I am singing along to one of my favourite song by Sun Yan Zi : 风筝 ( Kite) in my room..Still remember how I used to listen to this song during my secondary school days..bringing back memories of the past..almost cried while singing but managed to hold back those tears..A very touching song indeed..

So, I thought of sharing this song with all of you..hoping that you would enjoy it too..and sing along to it..

Sun Yan Zi -
风筝 ( Kite )

Lyrics :

(Hanyu Pinyin) :

wo bu yao jiang ni duo bang zhu yi miao
wo ye zhi dao tian kong duo mei miao
qing ni ti wo qiao yi qiao

tian shang de feng zheng na er qü liao
yi zha yan bu jian liao
shei ba ta de xian jian duan liao
ni zhi bu zhi dao

cong qian de wo men na er qü liao
lu tai yüan wo wang liao
ru guo ni xiang fei wo ming liao
ni zi you ye hao

kan ni chuan yüe yün duan fei de hen gao
zhan zai shan shang de wo da shen jiao wo
ye xü ni ya bu hui ting dao
ba meng xiang zhao dao yao guo de gen hao

wo bu yao ai qing de di chao
wo hui wei xiao yan lei bu zhun diao
wo hen hao hou lai de ni hao bu hao
ni hui zhi dao wo mei you zou diao

hui yi fei jing feng li liao
tian shang de feng zheng na er qü liao

(English Translation) :

I don't want to keep you tied up for a second more.
I also know how beautiful the sky is.
Please watch after me.

Where did the kite in the sky go?
In the blink of an eye it is nowhere to be seen.
Who cut its string?
Do you know?
What happened to the way we used to be?
The road is too far, I have forgotten.
If you want to fly I understand
It's probably better for you to be free.

Seeing you break through the clouds, flying very high,
standing on top of the mountain, I loudly shout, whoa-oh-oh.
Maybe you won't hear me.
Find your dreams, have a better life.

I don't want love's depression
I will smile, tears are not allowed to fall.
I am fine; the new you, how are you?
You will know I have not left.

The memories have flown into the wind.
Where did the kite in the sky go?


I know recently I have been posting entries which emits aura of laziness and boredom..sorry about that.. Just felt the need to pour out my thoughts and feelings somewhere since I am not good in expressing myself verbally..but I am still hoping that you guys will still be following me and support me along my journey in this lifetime..

Well,till then..take care and have a nice weekend..

Yours Truly,

Chris C


  1. Hey Nemo!
    Don't be upset, because you are not alone though this.

    Dory feels the same as well, if not worse.
    Been listening to the same song for the whole day.

    *emo mode*

  2. Thank u Calvin =)

    Do cheer up..rainy days never stays