Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CNY at Hometown 2

Dear all,

Sorry for my absence..It has been a really busy week and as a result,I didn't have much time to update my blog.

Anyway,back to today's entry..As promised,I will share with all of you about my Chinese New Year celebration at my hometown no.2,a small town called Layang-Layang which is situated south of the Kluang district,Johore.

As usual like any other year, my aunt from Klang will drop by Malacca to pick me up from my uncle's place and then I will be travelling down to Johore along with her family..

In the past, when my 3 cousins and I were still young,the backseat of the car seemed to be very spacious or at least comfortable.Now that we have all grown up,things are a little cramped up. By the time we reached our destination,I can feel that my butt has already "shape-shifting"..LOL

To cut short all the details, these are summary of activities which I have done during my 3 days stay there:

- Red Packet Collecting
- Gossips Listening Sessions (Conducted by the womenfolks..the homme species just listens in amusement)
- Eat..eat...eat...drink..drink..(digest)..continues to eat and drink while the weighing scale keeps on increasing...(= =)
- Kuo Ming Lantern releasing ( Its illegal but well...Hee..since when we start
abiding by rules during festive season)
- Grudgingly but without choice..studying for my musculoskeletal paper resit

Yeah..thats about it..so pretty boring right? That's all I can say about my CNY celebration this year..nothing fantastic or out of the world..

I will end this entry with some photos..haha..I know I'm not a good photographer,neither do I have those high tech gadget [ Still depending on my faithful k750i built in 2mp camera :/ ]

Till then,cheers and have a good one..:)

Blek...I hate this year's CNY

Behold...freeze!! You guys are under arrest!! These are the culprits (besides yours truly) that cause the unwanted extra weight..><..I swear..I'm innocent..they are the one who seduced me..I am unaware of my actions!!

My glass of home-made red wine..yum yum..I'm not an alcoholic!!

Family members loitering gathering outside at the lawn of grandparent's house

Me sipping on my glass of wine..Don't worry..I am of legal age..hee~

Yours truly,

Chris C a.k.a the Innocent Wine Loving Accuser

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