Monday, February 22, 2010

Yakult Chew ??

Dear all,

After a moment of being absent, I decided that I need to get back on track..This year's CNY have been a really quiet one..unlike those of the previous years..Kinda sad huh?

Nevertheless, I still did managed to catch up with a few of my cousins @ Malacca..and boy,the outing with them was real fun albeit a short one though due to time constraint..

From back: Me, Fiona and Amy

From back (Clockwise): Me, Amy and errr...Fiona's hand XD

Just let me briefly list out what and where did we went to :

Morning :
- Amy came to pick Fiona and me from Fiona's place..
- Cheng Hoon Teng temple for prayer..( Suddenly feeling religious!)
- Went for pineapple tart hunting..

Afternoon :
- Went to the newly opened Aeon Jusco to escape the scorching murderous heat out there.. >< ... - Had lunch at Sushi King..
- Continue to explore the shopping complex..many stores ain't open either due to CNY or under renovation.

Late Afternoon :

-Went to visit my aunt and uncle (Amy's parents) at their work place because I have to leave for Johore the next day...
-Back to Fiona's place..took a shower and nap till dinner time ..><

Some scallop fiesta

Our "mini" Yee Sang

Loh ah~ Huat ah~ Ong ah~

And while we were at Sushi King..we sort of took some candid pics..for example :

Got pinched? (T.T)

Got " Head-Snatched" ?

Got "Chopsticked" ?

Got "Smacked" ??

Got "Chopsticked" once again...

And we were discussing something about a famous singer named "Yoga Lin"..seriously I have never heard of such person before.. Perhaps because I don't really follow those Asian Entertainment News..and I somehow find that name silly that I randomly proclaim that I shall be known as "Yakult Chew" !! *LMAO*

" Yakult " Chew and his Yakult?

Gosh...tastes soooooo....heavenly...Yakult..Good for constipation...
( sounds like some sort of inofficial Yakult promoting )

Conclusion? Hmmph...(with the proud and arrogant look)....
Just call me YAKULT CHEW !!!

After lunch,it's time for more candid shots..hee... :P

Slurppp~ I don't taste anything..only colourings...XD

Chotto Matte Kudasai~~~ Matte nehhh~~ Don't leave me..sob sob..

This is how you "catch" a're mine..nyahahha~~

Psst..psst..Don't tell Samantha k?? *gossip gossip*

Ooops...emm emm....*speechless*..hehe

Cake anyone??

And not to be forgotten that Valentine's day falls on the same day as CNY this year~~

In my heart..there's only place for my sushis and bentos...hehe

Well...that is all for now I guess..will update you guys soon on CNY @ hometown no.2..(be patient yeah...Yakult is still trying to invoke his blogger sense)...><

Till then , take care and have a great day ahead..cheers :)

Yours Truly,

Chris a.k.a Yakult Chew the dramatic tragic sushi lover