Monday, March 8, 2010

Life of an Invigilator

Dear All,

It has been almost four months since I quit my one year old job as a part time Barista for The Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs. The decision to quit is not an easy one but I decided that it is time for me to move on and try out something else instead.

By stroke of luck, my Godpa asked if I am interested to be a part time invigilator for the IELTS exam on behalf of The British Council. Being jobless that time, I took up his offer and went for the job briefing..

Basically what does an Invigilator do?

- Preparing seating plans and stationary for the candidates.
- Registering and verifying the identity of candidates.
- Ensure properties and belongings of candidates are being taken care of.
- Ushering candidates to their respectful seats.
- Giving briefing to the candidates about the exam procedure (usually done by the Head of Invigilator in charge).
- Giving out exam answer sheets and question papers to the candidates.
- Ensuring candidates fill the details on their answer sheet correctly and accordingly to the instructions as per given.
- Walk around the exam (except during listening test) to ensure no cheating occurs.
- Photo checks and ID check again ( I find this very irritating and I think the candidates felt the same too ).
- Escort candidates to washroom when required.
- Collect answer sheets and questions papers from candidates when times up.
- Recount collected answer sheets and question papers.
- Offer assistance to candidates if needed with exception of certain issues like asking about answers?? LOL.
- Last but not least, ensure that all belongings and properties are being returned back to the respective candidates.

Such is the routine of an Invigilator..There's also the Usher for the Speaking test as well but I'm gonna keep that for another time. As glamorous and simple as this job sound and seem but the truth is there's lots of challenges and certainly a quick rapid reaction and movement and lots of patience is needed as part of requirement of an Invigilator.

One thing I like about this job is that the working hours are sort of flexible compared to my previous job..and you don't have to interact too much..action speaks louder than words here. :)

As I am still new,there is a lot to be learned and observed..wish me luck!

Yours Truly looking proud in his Invigilator uniform :P Gosh, I am looking so tanned up..blame the sun :(

One of my assigned test venue, Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) at Lembah Beringin..

The Exam Hall in KYUEM..That's one of my fellow Invigilator, Ziv carrying the luggage bag with the confidential exam documents :O

Thats all for now folks..I know it's short but I will do better next's a promise :)

Till then,have a nice day and cheers~

Yours Truly,

Chris C

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