Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Dear all,

Have you have people ffk-ing you? I get that a lot and sometimes I am not even bothered anymore when the same person ask me out again.I understand that you are busy etc but if you are please do not make empty promises and make me treat you like a VIP and waste precious time which I can use for something else instead of waiting for you to tell me or sometimes not even telling me that you cant make it ( usually at the eleventh hour).

So anyone of you have the similar experience? do share with me :)

p/s: was there by chance when people ask you out like out of the blue and you get annoyed because it feels like you are either just by chance along their way or like you are being asked not because they want to but because there are no one else for them to approach ( sth like a extra spare tyre)?


Chris C


  1. hmm I don't think this has happened to me. I guess it's because I always let the other person know that I want to know if he/she can't make it beforehand and not at the last minute. Or maybe I'm just lucky so far coz I can guess that it must be rather frustrating. Coz you get the feeling that their time is more precious than yours.