Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear all,

I think I am a bad socialiser..a terribly bad one.

When someone ask you out to catch up , to yamcha , to whatever you call it, what do you usually do?

eg: mamak? old town? movie? I dont know. I find all this kinda boring. I don't drink ( alcoholic drinks) nor am I able to come up with interesting topics.In the end, it's like staring at the wall, then back to the person, then shift to the cup, mumble a few words, then the cycle repeats..then pay up and go home.

Somewhat a waste of time.. and money too if you consider the overpriced drinks.

or perhaps it all depends on the company you are with?

I dont know. Just rather stay in and nothing?but at least I am at the comfort of so called "home"..

Share your thoughts~

Yours Boring Hermit,

Chris C