Thursday, January 10, 2013


Dear all,

Not sure if you guys faced the similar problem but I have been receiving quite a number of spam comments on my blog entry.

No no, I mean real spam..comments that is irrelevant and mostly goes like " Tramadol, fast action etc etc..some weird drug and pharmeceutical related product " by some certain anonymous.

It's really annoying and the fact that I have to keep deleting them every single day. OTL

Been thinking if I should activate the option of asking readers to type some random word before their comments are posted sort of thing. But personally, I dislike that option as I think it is troublesome and a hassle.

Tell me what do you guys think about it and any other suggestions.

p/s: oh entry had exceeded 100..and I just realised that. \(>o<)/...ok lah~ ~ ~...not that my entries are interesting anyway..unlike other bloggers with their juicy stories, mine is just purely nonsense and random stuffs.

Till then,

Cheers and Regards,

 ChRiS C~ ;)


  1. nope,so far i don't have those spams coming

  2. O.o

    I have never ever encountered spam so far. *touchwood*

    that word verification thingy is actually super annoying. I always have a hard time with it. Haha. But I think it will help to filter out the spam!

    1. Another lucky person!

      and yay! high 5!we both find that word verification thingy annoying :D

      I somewhat turned off the comment option for the particular post in which the spams always turn up and well, it works :)