Monday, May 24, 2010

When Things Crashed Down

Dear All,

I will never ever step my leg into that place again..NEVER..
Somehow I,knew it wasn't a good idea to linger around that place..REGRETS..
and NO..I DON'T enjoy it at all...NOT AT ALL...
In the end of the day..what is left? Anger? Shame? Infidelity? Adultery? Misunderstanding? Blames? Fights? Arguments? Break-ups? Tears...
Feeling Filthy, Dirty and Unclean..
Feeling Betrayed...A trust broken...A relationship jeopardised...All that have been build all this while just crashed down in a blink of an eye..
I am SICK of it..just so not worth it...HATE IT!
Should not have went there in the first much for the experience..with no benefits..
YOU had not known that as much as I am COOL about it,I am also very VULNERABLE at the same time..
All of this is practically relatively new to me..How do you expect me to deal with it?

I am a GONER...Hopeless Case...
Then again, if only I had kept my cool and rationale..
SOLUTION is there..without exaggerating the situation..But all that has been done..Is it too late to reverse the mistake and make amendments? Or is there still a faint glimmer of HOPE for apology and reconciliation?

I admit that I have contribute my part in making things worse by my usual moodiness and silent treatment...BUT...I wished YOU had NOT put WORDS and THOUGHTS in my MIND and MOUTH..and STOP assuming things!
..and GIVE me some TIME and CHANCE to reflect on the situation..

...................All is left is regrets and a broken heart..broken due to the way and the person you think I am..
YOU and ME are both DISAPPOINTMENT to each other..the PROMISE made earlier are now merely another WORDPLAY..
Perhaps it is for the best?

CHRIS C the Traumatised Scarred Soul

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