Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neurology Blues

Dear All,

It's a hot afternoon here..but I can see the dark clouds looming over already.. a telltale sign that it is going to rain soon..sigh..which may mean another day without evening jog for four days in a row... :(

I am feeling very stressful although my face may not show any sign of such..this semester is a tough one for me..dealing with brain and nerve supplies ain't easy..Got stuck in the my assignment..didn't know what to write and yet I can see others progressing well..

I have always known that I am a slow learner...most people would be far ahead me by the time I got to the point where they last stand at..Sometimes I do feel left out and envious of their achievements.

Not sure if I can get through all this but I guess I will give it all that I have got and see where it goes from there..

Till then,cheers~

Yours Truly,

Chris C the tired one


  1. Just do your best. Don't be afraid of failure =)

  2. we learn a step at one time. and our learning session starts from the first day we step into this world to the end of our road. some, you may good in it, some you are just bad in it. so, pick up the books and continue to do the best. learn to smile and learn to see, at the end, you may not only learning the facts you read but more and more between the glimpse of your smile and the smile that you see thru :)