Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012's Cosplay

Dear all,

Comic Fiesta 2012 was cool.So cool that my voice became hoarse at the end of the first day and practically voiceless at the end of the second!

As things were busy over at the Side Quest ( somewhat like a mini-adventure quest where winner of the quest will get a free lifetime pass to future CF event) booth, not much photos was taken ( actually none at all except a few camwhores..and the lack of my own photos taken was a bit saddening but well, at least I get to have fun).

So far, the experience of cosplaying has been a positive one ( not towards my wallet and bank account though).

1st cosplay ever: Kaito
2nd cosplay: Original Character




So what do you guys think? Personally, I feel that I am getting uglier each day OTL

Yours Truly,

Chris C


  1. Not bad what.. More confident in yourself la.. You aren't bad you know?.. lol

  2. hi,first time here,you're not ugly,you're very very cute:3