Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CF is coming to TOWN

Dear all,

How's life? I hope all's good and going well!

Mine at the moment is sort of plain and boring. Been keeping myself busy though with preparation for one of the biggest event of the year ( something most ACG (Anime,Comic,Game) lovers look forward to every end of the year).....COMIC FIESTA : D

Similarly to previous year, the venue for this year's CF will be held at KLCC on the 22nd and 23rd December. One of the biggest and longest running ACG event among the rest in Malaysia ;)

I will be volunteering this year as well and unlike last year, I will be cosplaying too :) Have got my costumes ready and now all left is the hardest part...MAKE UP and also WIG styling..both of which I am pretty bad at but I am working on it.Let's hope that I will not end up looking like Joker instead.

:) well, that's all for now. will update more later. ( just lazy to write eventhough there are PLENTY to write :) )

The Lazy one,

Chris C

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  1. oh~

    what character would you be in this time? =D