Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Updates of my life

Time to update a little on my life.

Books read so far:

1)Pearl Of China

2) Please look after Mother

3) Waiter Rant

4) Stories

5)The Calligrapher's Daughter

6) Tale of Murasaki

 7) Tales Of Otori

8) The Favourites

9)The Last Chinese Chef

10) A Tiger in the kitchen ( Currently reading and finishing)

- There are a few more books which I have completed but I can't recall the title and I am a little lazy to dig them out from the I just realised most of the books I read are Asian literatures relating to food and family :O

Movies watched recently:

1) Sinister ( Still having goosebumps down my legs as I am typing this ><)

2) TED

3) Taken 2

4) Hotel Transylvania

- Most of them are very recent movies..There is a few others but just kinda lazy to post them

So yeah, this is my life so far...


Chris C

p/s: just the ugly me and my friends :)


  1. If you call that ugly i would be extremely fugly.. -.-''

    Is sinister good??? Lol, read so much la you.

  2. O.o but I heard rumours that you are very cute!!

    Hmm, depends really..Personally, I feel that the show did a good job in scaring the hell out of me XD..

    erm, well.. Since I don't have any love life, therefore I can only find solace in reading..><'''

  3. Pftt~~ Lies!~ Kill the rumour before it spreads! ><

    I just read the wiki synopsis(which is basically how i 'read' every book or watch any movie in the world). Kinda creepy.. I don't think i'm gonna watch it.. haha.

    I don't have a love life either. I should pic up a book rather then sit infront of the comp all day. The speed on how i reply your comment just proves how lifeless i am.. Hahaha

  4. Leo Nut's cute!!! I can attest to that!!! HE IS VERY CUTE!!!

    I thought I read alot... but I am now truly humbled by your grace...


  5. @leonut: lol..that's a cool way of reading and a lot of time and money, I would say..haha

    @Joker:Ohh...I guess Leonuts gonna kill you for spreading the so-called rumours?

    and Nah, I read just to pass my time and the material I am reading isn't as intellectual as yours.