Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Temporary Relief..Unintentional Absence...LOADS of FRUSTRATIONS!!

One burden off my shoulder..the moment I got rid of that bloody FYPs..GOSH!!!Hallelujah!!!! Of course I know it is just a short term relief as there's still the presentation and final practicals..Q.Q

As much as I want to update my blog,the lack of access to Internet renders me helpless..Stupid inefficient people from the Internet company keeps delaying the date of installation..and now I can only get back my Internet Connection at home on Saturday, that's even if things manage to go well as planned..or I will be wringing some necks over the next few days..

I am amazed that I actually managed to survive without any Internet during my early school days but now? I feel like dying every moment..I feel so out of touch with everybody around me..like I am stranded in some sort of island or something..somebody please just rescue me!!

I feel sorry for my readers for constantly having to put up with my bitching whining all the time but trust me, I seldom complain unless if it necessary for me to do so..and this is urgent..so now I am stuck at the campus utilising the lousy snail line which threatened to block me out because apparently I  " Exceeded the quota or something"..WTF..since when the public Internet line have got a quota system????? Mahsa, you gotta do better than this man...I am not paying a whole load of sum of money for this kind of facilities..it's not as if I am purchasing a cheap drink at McDs and leeching the WI-FI..this is a COLLEGE ( which got upgraded to University status recently but (spits saliva)...seriously doesn't even deserve that kind of upgrades)..so you should ensure that there is ADEQUATE Internet connection for your students!!!! Good thing that I am done with my FYP or else I would be committing suicide due to inability to access any journals with this crappy line.

Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh .....I miss the people around me..

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