Thursday, October 4, 2012

Final Push

Dear all,

Yours truly has still yet to get his internet connection back so be patient yeah.Hopefully by this weekend, everything will be back to normal!!

It's going to be a busy month month of final preparation for the last hurdle of my university life ( HOPEFULLY!)..and once all this is over, I guess I can slowly sit back and relax, enjoying the flavours of freedom until I get my 8 to 5 job..(Q.Q)..the taste of adulthood and full independence that is..

Well, Christopher, just hang on there and fight like your life depend on it ( matter of fact, it does actually)..I am already thinking of where to go for vacation after! backpacking maybe? and also the various cosplans I have in my head..oh dear, and it all involves $$$$!!! any kind sponsors here?

The one in dilemma,
Chris C


  1. buy me a meal when you get your first pay!!!

    Good Luck!!!