Friday, December 10, 2010

Just another random update of myself...

Dear All,

How is your December treating you so far? Hope that all is going well for all of you..

First and foremost, I would like to shout aloud " THANK GOD FOR FRIDAY!!"..which means the end of two weeks and two more weeks to go till I say " Adieu, Sayonara,Bye-Bye etc. " to this creepy place!

Earlier just now while surfing through my facebook , I saw a few videos and articles about some sort of suicide thingy..pretty much common these days but my curiosity got the best of me..So I read through some of the links and found out that it is about a guy who committed suicide after breaking up with his girlfriend..But not before he posted a note on his facebook profile which is his final words to the people he know..

A moment later, a thought struck me : " Is it worth it to end a life for the sake of love ?"

I can't really comment much though since there isn't exactly an exact answer to say if it is right or wrong..Nevertheless, I would like to know your opinion about this.. ( If you guys actually even read this post that is... :/ )

Anyway, I would still like to convey my condolences and sympathy to the suicide victim's family.. and to the victim himself : "Rest in peace and may you find salvation in the afterlife.."

Before I end this post, I shall upload a photo of myself ~ Hee ...just for fun..quite some time since I actually shared my photos to scare my readers!! :P

Just me and Mr. Clown~

Till then, take care folks and do wish me luck in surviving the coming remaining two weeks here!! XXX

Yours Truly,

Chris C

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