Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving forward

Dear All,

Finally we are reaching the last day of October..Merely 3 months to go till we bid farewell to year 2010.

Today will also be my last day staying at the campus hostel..I am finally moving out..let's just hope that everything will turn out well and even better once I am at the new place..and also that I will get along with the new roommate whom I don't even know well.

Things are kind of busy here at the moment..I still have one assignment to rush (*Procrastination*) and loads of practice for my upcoming examination.Do pray that this silent lil' dreamer get through all of this smoothly..(>o<)

Life is meant to be tough isn't it? Eversince the departure of *you*, I have not had the courage to love another..but I am trying hard to convince myself that I am content with being alone for now..Priorities boy..Priorities!!

Anyhow,I am moving the unknown future but I think that I will be alright as long I have all of you by my please stay and don't leave me alone.

I shall end this post with a modified nursery rhyme in conjunction of Halloween which is today.

" Hickory Dickory Dock,
We shouted "OMG"! ,
The clock struck twelve ,
All ghost came out,
Hickory Dickory Dock" ~ Happy Halloween Folks!

Hmm... I love a certain part of a word in this rhyme..*hee*..see if you can guess it right..

Till then, take care and lots of greetings from:

Yours Truly,
Chris C

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