Monday, October 4, 2010

" Attraversiamo "

Dear All,

Currently,the Monday morning weather is fair..but the environment here is NOISY..some construction and renovation works at the second floor of my block..Bing Bang Bong..sigh..

So here I am.."enjoying" all the extra sounds and scenery over a cup of Tenom Cafe Latte..I am not an avid coffee drinker but I felt the need to have one this morning..Another heart-breaking shock of my life when I discovered that I have lost the whole folder of my Bossanovas and Jazz collections..I must have deleted it by accident without noticing it while transferring some other files into my portable hard disk..I swear I could have smack myself hard for being such a klutz!!! *cries*

Sorry..I shall continue to mourn my loss later..Lets get back to today's post for now..

Went to watch the movie " Eat , Pray , Love " yesterday and I found myself enjoying the show very much..

Based on the best-selling memoir of the similar title by Elizabeth Gilbert, this movie is about a woman who finds herself in the middle of a failed marriage and a fail relationship,thus embark on a journey in search of her spiritual faith and herself.

Portrayed by the ever beautiful Julia Roberts, we followed the travels of the author across the world ( Italy, India and Bali ) meeting different kinds of people and experience different kinds of culture..As we walk along with her, we are able to see the transformation of a lost distraught woman into a stronger one.

This movie if not the book is indeed an inspirational one..It makes you makes you realise that life is more than what you think it makes you feel connected and there are some scene in which you can relate yourself to that of what the author have went through..

There are quite a number of thought provoking quotes throughout the show and one of my favourite * Warning: Spoiler here * goes like this :

"Do not look at the world through your head, look at it through your heart."- Ketut Liyer

Well,I would like to share more of the movie but I wouldn't want to spoil it for you so watch it for yourself and do tell me what do you think of it.. :)

Well,that's all for now I guess...till then,take care and have a nice week I shall continue to mourn my poor collection of bossanovas jazz...why o why... \(T_T)/

See you later...alligator..

Yours Mourning,

Chris C


  1. Lol!
    Although it was all about your rantings (plus the movie review of course), I truly enjoy reading it!

    Sounds interesting :P
    Will try and get the book soon (although I don't read at all lol!)

  2. Hey ya chris! U've watched Eat Pray Love? I heard it is a very good story and I got myself the book but unfortunately dun have the time reading it yet whats more movie also belum.. =( =(