Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Dear all,

The clock shows 2.16am and yet I am still wide awake.Have got nothing much to do besides downloading songs (The internet connection is much smoother during this hour thus making downloading much more efficient and bearable) and trying to cramp in the origins and insertions of muscles into my slow-absorbing brain without much success (Sigh~)

Last week have not been a good one for me..Everything seem to be turning upside down in my world and I am like a shadow drifting aimlessly in the darkness,searching eagerly for a sign to help me to escape from this misery..Then again,with encouragement from the people who was by my side during that dark moment ,I managed to redeem myself and stand on my feet again.I decided that it is useless to mop around waiting for the phone call or message reply which never seemed to arrive..After reading an article forwarded to me by a good buddy of mine, I realised that I am facing one particular psychological disorder known as "Emotional Dependency" syndrome.. I succumb myself to fate and time shall decide and heal this fragile broken soul of mine..Like they say "If something or someone is meant to be yours, it/they will eventually come back to you "...and if it/they doesn't..it just mean that they/it got stuck in the middle of a very bad traffic jam or got lost during the mailing process!!..hehe..Anyway,I would like to thank all those who had help me through..thanks a lot to YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU (well..although they are my saviours but not nice to mention names right? Anyway,you guys know who you are especially YOU ) :)

As for my temporary "infatuation", I don't know if you will ever happened to be reading this..but if you do, well..I would like you to know that although your unthoughtful actions hurt me and left me helpless, you are forgiven and I wish you all the best in your future undertakings..thanks for the brief but memorable time together..It has been a good experience and eye opener for the naive me..Nevertheless till our paths cross again, I whisper a silent farewell to you, my temporary "infatuation"..

Back to current issues, went to MidValley last Sunday to accompany a friend to shop for his Chinese New Year clothing. I am feeling sorry for him because he chose a wrong person for this job..(ME!!)..why? Simply because I don't really have a good sense of fashion and as far as concerned, perfectionist I may be albeit not a picky one..give me a simple tees and a pair of pants,I am ready to go..(>.<)..Then again not to say the outing isn't fruitful as he still managed to salvage a few pieces of clothing by the end of the day..fuhhh~ at least the long period of standing and walking and crowd squashing does not end in vain..and the best part of the day was that I got to watch an acrobatic show live for the first time of my life..We were just about to head back home when I noticed that a small crowd have started to gather around the centre stage..Feeling curious (Perhaps more of being kiasu and busybody),I dragged my friend along to check things out..We then pick a spot and stand there for like 10 minutes and yet there isn't anything extraordinary and yet we are wondering why are people gathering around there when there isn't any sort of performance on the stage..Feeling as if being fooled,we thought of leaving and head back home instead but in the end still decided to stay back a little longer..and I am proud to say that is the best decision made that day..the performers came running out from the backstage and the show begin...I can only say that I watched the whole acrobatic stunts with awe and excitement..sort of feeling like a small boy once again..:D Managed to snap a few pics of the acrobatic performance although some of them isn't really clear..Here is the link :
GuanXi Acrobatic Performance MV CNY 2010

Thats all for now..It is really late now and I shall keep the rest for another time..moreover I am down with a sudden bouts of mild cough..sigh..Hopefully I am able to recover before CNY..Till next time,have a good one folks..:)

Yours Truly,

Chris C. the Enlightened Kiasu Kiddo


  1. Kiasu meh?
    More to busybody got-lah!


  2. Haha..got kiasu because don't wanna miss out on the fun!! :P

  3. Temporary huh? XD At least that's better than what I was...

  4. sometimes, something is best forgotten, bespoken, be patient and be silent. may the silent makes the move for a better phase. at the same time, no rights and wrongs. do the thing u think worth doing. even by become static, it is not an investment, we just enjoy being stagnant. anyway, great that you have made up your mind