Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Trip To "Peaceful Land" a.k.a Taiping

Dear all,

I have to admit that I have not been here for quite some time..just being so occupied with exams, studies and so on..and at the same time having the writer's block and also lacked of motivation to write anything here..LOL

Oritey,as promised,today I shall blog about my trip to Taiping last month..Ben asked me if I want to visit his hometown at Taiping..Since I have not been there before and my schedule ain't too pack,I agreed and decided to tag along.

So,Ben picked me up straight from British Council after my invigilating duties at Inti College.Anyway due to drowsiness and fatigue,I slept through the whole journey there..So there isn't much I talk about here except for the fact that I woke up with a bad neck ache..ouch..(T.T)..

The whole journey from KL to Taiping took us like 4 hours plus and the weather was terribly hot..I swear that I feel as if I am travelling through some dessert..Gosh..

When we reached Taiping,I noticed that the whole town looks very post-colonial..old buildings..It is as if I have travelled back to the 50s or 60s..haha..The first place we went to was Ben's home..Believe it or not, although we were at the right housing area, Ben couldn't remember which was his house..LOL..and had to depend on the "room to let" sign-board on the house gate..yeah,since his siblings are all married and no longer stayed there,the house is kinda empty with only his mum so they decided to rent out the extra rooms..sounds like a smart plan to me..after all,who couldn't say no to some extra cash at times like this..

Its was a bit awkward at first when I met his mum..haha..partially because I have no idea what to say and also my hokkien ain't that fluent..but still managed to get through it..thank God..haha

So while,my stay there,I met Ben's elder bro,Johnny and younger sis, Annie and their respective families..Coincidence,it is the Cheng Beng week or so call the Chinese "all souls day"..So I went with his family to give a hand in cleaning their ancestor's grave and also Ben's dad's grave..Yeah,I do feel guilty because I didn't turn up to clean my own grandparent's grave..:X Sorry Ah Ma and Ah Kong ..>.<.. Then again,I have to admit that I have been eating non-stop from the moment I reach Taiping..Popiah, Mee Rebus, Wan Tan Mee , etc. etc. ...Gosh..I realised that whenever Im go somewhere for vacation,I am sure to gain extra weight..(T.T)...Plus it doesn't help when Ben's mum is such a good cook..She whips up a mean Otak Otak and Chilli Sambal !! Gotta ask Ben to learn the secret of the otak otak from his the way,one interesting fact about Ben's mum..she once won the local state beauty pageant contest..Cool huh.. After indulging myself in all those foods and delicacies, its time to work out a lil bit..So following Johnny's recommendation, Ben took me to one of the golf club around for a swim..well,since we are not members so a sum of rm6 was charged in order to utilise the swimming pool..It was kind of worth it though since the pool is well maintained and there isn't much people around..Felt like its my own private pool..haha. If ever you are in Taiping,the are some MUST visit places such as the Taiping Lake Garden...calm ,serene and full of natural goodness (sounds like some food advertisement) and for all the avid joggers out there,this is a great jogging spot..unfortunately, I did not got the chance to jog there yet due to time constraint..Another place of attraction would be Maxwell Hill a.k.a Bukit Larut..Sort of like a mini Cameron/Fraser...a place to go if you like sight-seeing and nature and also the cool weather..For those faint hearted ones,I wouldn't recommend taking the jeep up the hill although that is the only option available unless if you plan to hike up there which takes about 3-4 hours..Good stamina training though.. :)

And yes of course..the Taiping Zoo...however couldn't comment much about it as I have not been to it yet..LOL

Hmmmm....Im feeling it..It is coming back..oh no..another bout of writer's block..great..although there is more things to share but I just can't seemed to put them down in know what..I guess I will just end my entry here..but fret not..before I do so ,I shall include a link of the photos taken during the trip for the pleasure of your eyes only..:)

Click here:
Taiping Trip Photos

Till then,cheers and take care..I don't know when will I be back again but do watch out for my next entry..:)

Yours Truly,

Chris C. a.k.a the peaceful untalented blogger :x

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