Sunday, January 31, 2010

Of Steamboat and Vampires

Greetings to all,

Once again,it is a clear Sunday afternoon as well as the last day of January 2010..Time flies doesn't it..I can hardly imagine what have I achieved during this one whole month..Perhaps lots of time wasting and procrastinating as usual..

Anyway,back to the title today.."Of Steamboat and Vampires",both does not relate to each worries,there would not be anything about vampires enjoying a steamboat meal..

Firstly, steamboat huh?Well,a friend of mine who is an avid fan of stage drama,musical,acting etc etc and who also happened to be the president of a non-profit artistic association called "SeedismArt" directed a stage play called "The Steamboat's Story".He have been requesting me to attend this show couple weeks back and since I missed another of his show last year which was called "The Straw",I decided to make up for it by attending this show.So along with two other buddies,we head to Mutiara Shopping Complex situated at Jln Ipoh,KL where the show was held on the third day ( It is a four day show and the first two sessions was at the Theatre Hall of the HELP University College).And yeah,upon reaching the venue,we were escorted to a small little room at this place called the "Drama Cafe"..Never did I know that such a place actually existed..

As this is my first time attending a stage play drama,I didn't really know what to expect..nevertheless I took my seat and wait..the room slowly became dim...and suddenly "Poof"..spotlight..a girl with exceptionally thick make-up jumped out from nowhere..frankly speaking,I had a shock initially as I was sitting near to the place where she mysteriously appeared..haha..and so I found out that this a one-man act show..whereby the actor assume numerous roles all by this case,an actress by herself..pretty impressive..

The show "The Steamboat's Story" is about life of a middle-age housewife a.k.a Aunty..As she (the actress) narrates and acts through her way,fascinating the audience about real life fact of a housewife during preparation of the coming Chinese New Year Eve dinner and also side-tracked a bit towards memories of her younger days and lots of juicy gossips as that you will expect of a typical aunty at the market..With pretty convincing facial expression and different tone of voice and the well-chosen background music,the actress portrays not only the main character which is the housewife but also few other characters such as other gossiping aunties from the neighbourhood (sounded a lil bit like Desperate Housewives right?), the husband, parents-in-law, children etc etc..all these roles by herself.Pretty cool huh..

The show went well but towards the end of the show, using plush toys to substitute the family members of the housewife (I was puzzled as well at first),flashback of a recording showing glimpse of a news report about how a family of 4 was perished in an vehicle accident..then only I realised that it was the family members of the housewife and that the poor lady unable to accept the fact that all her beloved family members had pass on and there wouldn't be any chance for the usual CNY reunion dinner around the traditional steamboat style dinner..with that she went mad and the past memories of her family members tortured her poor soul and mind..and it was during this heart-wrenching scene,I actually cried and looking around,I realised that other audiences were either crying as well or trying to hold back their tears..

The fact that this stage show serves to remind us to appreciate each moment with our family members and loved ones before it is too late..Good storyline,good and convincing acting skills,what else could I say besides bravo and kudos..Then again,there are room for more improvements but I'm satisfied for now..:)

Hmmm..that is the rough description of "The Steamboat's Story" in my own understanding..My apologies if you find it confusing as it is hard to describe by words and it would be much better to watch it yourself though..Next..interesting..vampires..those blood-sucking mythical beings..take your guess what could it be all about..


If you're guessing that I have turned myself into a Vampire,haha..of course not silly!! Yes,you have guessed correctly for those who managed to connect it with the movie "Cirque Du Freak : The Vampire Assistant"..LOL..But I have the feeling most of you would have connected it to another vampire-ish movie, New Moon..

It is not exactly a newly released movie but then again,yeah..this is my first ever late night (to be exact Midnight) movie at the cinema..Yes yes..I know..nothing impressive and most probably most of you have done it before me..outdated ain't I?Haha..Well,it was a last minute plan and the rest of movie had either all fully booked or left only with non-strategic the only movie left which looks appetising enough is this particular show.

To make things brief, based on a fantasy fictional book of the same title written by Darren Shan,this movie is about a young teenage named Darren Shan (errr...don't ask me why the author and the main character of the book/movie shares the similar name) who was turned into a half vampire and were forced to join the travelling freak show circus in order to save his best friend, Steven who then ends up opposing each other in a battle between the vampires and the vampaneezee...Yeah,that is more or less about it..with appearance of famous actors and actress such as Ken Watanabe (The Chairman from Memoirs of Geisha), Salma Hayek , John C.Reily etc etc..haha.. I can only conclude that its a fast-paced storyline movie but can be considered worth watching for those who are into fantasy and vampire-related movies..:)

Erm...hello?Ladies and Gentlemen,we have now reached the end of the "show"..hope that you people enjoyed the sleep "show" and once again,thank you for dropping by..very much appreciated..Hope to see all of you again..till then,au revoir..cheers and have a good one.. ;)

Yours Truly,

Chris C. a.k.a the steamboat fascinated vampire wannabe :P


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