Sunday, January 24, 2010

A new beginning

Dear All,

It is a sunny afternoon as I'm typing this post..oh well,a typical Sunday..accompanied by the music playing on my laptop and the sound of construction from the first floor of my block..not exactly a quiet Sunday after all..haha..

I was quite surprised at myself for wanting to start my own blog too after reading a few of other's.Actually I used to have one myself two years back but I have forgotten my username and password for that particular account..haha..must have gotten old already..which is another reason why I should have my own preserve all the memorable events of my life starting from now so that I can look back when I'm old (that is if I can still remember my password and username for this account too!) and laugh at all those silly things I have done during my younger days..haha..

Hmm,I guess that is all for now..Let this be a new beginning in my life..Leaving all the bad behind and cherishing all the good things in the present time..:)

Cheers and have a good one folks!

Yours truly,
Chris C

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