Saturday, August 31, 2013


Dear All, Seems that I have gone missing for quite a while ( more like what seems to be eternity >w<'' )..hehe..

Well, kinda busy and occupied with work ( thought that student life was hectic..apparently working life doesn't make much difference..)

 Anyway, it's good to be back once in a while to say hi to all of you ( that if you guys are still following me over here!)

 Not going to write much at the moment as there's just too many things happenning;one after another in such fast pace that I have not got the time to digest all of them yet into words..

 Before I leave, here's a song which I would like to share here and also the dance version. Pretty cute and catchy!:3 Enjoy and lots of hugs!  

*VIVA HAPPY! - Mitchell M ft Hatsune Miku*

~VIVA HAPPY Dance Version~

Yours Truly, 

Chris C 

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