Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pre-CNY blues

Dear all,

Hows things going for you guys? Hope all's good. Mine is just well, long days, short night..Still jobless and enjoying life with the bank account going red alert..OTL

Anyway, CNY is coming soon like less than 4 days?Usually this is the time of year which I am sorta looking forward to ( Angpau, Goodies etc) but apparently, the situation will be the opposite this year.

Why you ask? Well, for one, I am expecting there will be loads of questions being asked by family and relatives , " Have you gotten a job yet"? "What are your plans now that you have finally graduated after what seems to be forever ( trust me, for some, a 4 years degree feels like 10years..and every year without fail, people will be asking me the same questions as if they are doing some sort of countdowns: "How many years to go?" or "Have you graduated yet?")..not to mention that most cousins around my age have already started working..

As such, I am pretty erm..nervous?anxious?freaking out? for what is to be expected this upcoming CNY..God or whoever up above, make me invisible..

Anyway, I hope that job opportunity would appear after CNY..because I need to resuscitate my dying bank that I can continue buying/funding my hobbies and life.

Shall end this post with this song:  A-Team by Ed Sheeran


Chris C


  1. Haha, excited to be questioned?
    Tak ada get "Do you have a girlfriend?" question meh? haha

    1. LOL..I am pretty excited..NOT!! (T.T)..butterflies in my tummeh~~ sob..and yes, another question I am dreading would be THAT!!

  2. i guess your life is related to the cny song aiden post rescently....

    1. Something like be frank I rather them ask me when am I getting I cant! :P

  3. Ah normal things you know, relatives, I dread them the most.
    Hope you have really good CNY this year though!!

  4. Happy belated CNY? well it's not over yet = ) hahaha hope this year was good for you!