Sunday, November 25, 2012

Almost an end to a journey and almost a new start to another one

Dear all,

I am done!!! Finally my four years is coming to an end..:) Then again, a new life is starting..soon to face the real world..a little bit nervous here.

Both presentation and practical exam done and result was out as well..Hmm, it wasn't too bad..more than what I thought I would end up with but then again, I think I am just lucky because all I did was to do my best and leave it all for the rest to fall in place.

Really got to thank my dear coursemates and lecturers as well as everybody who have supported me all the way.Without them , I wouldnt be there sitting for the final exam..Big big gratitude to them all!

Currently still awaiting the result of my FYP and the final total mark award which I hope is good enough to score me at least a honours and a second class..*keeps fingers crossed* pray for me yeah guys.

Well, that's all for now.Will update soon. Stay safe and cheers.


Chris C

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