Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Autumn Cleaning Time!

Rub Rub, Wipe Wipe, Sweep Sweep, *mutter,curse,swear*, Continue on~

Oh hi there..nice to see you again..yes, I know..You don't have to shout at my face...I know I know how I have been slacking off these days ( actually more like months)..OTL...I am really sorry!! Thing has been just too busy and hectic and God knows what else..Well, it's the final year rush so what do you expect? no more honeymoon period...basically the last three years wasn't supposed to be a honeymoon period either but human will be to enjoy and enjoy and enjoy and enjoy and die the next day..YOLO * you only live once* anyway but well, your future depends on whatever you are doing in the present and whatever you do in the past is not much of a significance but still it's a pain in the ass whenever you think of whatever bad things which had happened to you during those black and white days..I still have the tendency to write long long long sentences without fullstops which is not very good when it comes to assignment or academic writing because readers tends to get confused, mindfuck ( sorry for my language), and lost in the middle of the sea of words and especially lecturers who marks your work will grumble and say that they are not able to digest your points in the centipede length sentences but it is my style so sometimes I just can't help it..*fuhhh*sounds like I am rapping in terms of using writing instead of my if only I can actually speak as fast and as fluent as I do over here..and not ending up twisting my tongue into knots and people goes "pardon?sorry?Crease forehead and look half amused and annoyed and pokerface..or worst scenario,just walk away"....for at the moment I am not very happily stucked in trying to complete my @#&!)$@!*^#! project proposal assignment and the due date is like 4 days time? FML FML FML!!! (Q.Q)..6000 words and I am barely even 2k..yet...and I am here blogging my nonsensical thoughts because it is forbidden to start doodling on the walls ( house owner might get all enraged and stuffs)...anyway, as usual a lot have happened during my absence..eventful events which I feel guilty not sharing with you people but for those who have my facebook,probably you guys are sick of my updates of my life anyway...I think I should stop now lest I keep going on and on and on and on and nobody reads this anyway..but well, as mentioned by Mr.Joker,this is all about me, a story of myself so I can write whatever I want here( duh!)..problem? >:P Alright, I guess I will see you guys when I see you..don't ask me is unpredictable..ciao!!

Yours not so truly but still truly truly sorry for spamming here ( but its my blog mah!)<= Oh my English! ( alamak!),

Chris C the ____ ( fill in the blanks yourself)

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