Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Within a second in a blink of the eye, things changed..just like that without me realising it..A mistake done by the foolish me guided by the irrational bout of emotion..it's gone..feelings changed but the emptiness remains....

Everything I see..I see you..the ache inside just won't go away..It's silly but why do we always fall for the wrong one and push away the right one..

It's a lonely Christmas and an even more lonelier Birthday Celebration..my hands were empty when I stare at them when in fact, there should be your hands holding it but now that it is all illusion..

Tears won't fall but deep inside, it is bleeding...I wished I could have told you that but then my voice just wouldn't reach your ears.

Silently I send my love to you hoping to get your attention even if it is for a brief moment..
Wondering if the image of me ever cross your mind or if I am just another insignificant presence in your life..

I shall now cry and sleep in a sorrowful slumber..

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