Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shit Happens!

Dear All,

Guess what?! I have just been pickpocketed!! *FML* and of all the time..(T.T)

While hearing about all this happening to others and so,never did it once occurred to me that I will fall victim to such incident..

And I was looking so much forward to going back home tomorrow and this happen..say goodbye to my bus ticket and all my important documents in my wallet and not to mention the big sum of cash in it too (T.T)

I will never take the KTM anymore!!!! Never!!!! I rather walk a mile and spend extra than to go through all this miserable I wish this is all a bad dream and I will just wake up and things are all back to normal..

Btw, this theft happened at the Midvalley KTM station! I hate my life..


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