Monday, July 4, 2011

July's Rhapsody

Dear all,

5th posting have been successfully completed! and for once, I felt so happy and at home during clinical postings..Erm,okay, I admit it does help a lot that this posting is at the place which I grew up and in a way, one is feeling familiar with the surroundings. But, what matters is that the physiotherapists and staffs at HTAR's Physio department are really friendly and are willing to teach..:) Lots of gratitude and appreciation to them.It's a little unfortunate that I do not have any photos to upload here at the moment but I shall update them in the future.

So now since I am having a so-called 2 weeks duration of "sem break", which doesn't feel like one because I have still got two assignments due in less than two weeks..*FML*.. Screw it though, I need a break and I need the comfort of home!! Here I am back at hometown~

There's been some minor renovation going on around the house :) In conjunction of Transformers 3 I suppose..but of course can't undergo full major transformation...$$ not enough.. (><'').. Hmm, I think that's all for now.. Will end this post with a instrumental song which I find really relaxing.." Eria, the Water Maiden" from Final Fantasy 3.

Till then, cheers~

Chris C