Saturday, May 14, 2011


Dear All,

I suppose it isn't too surprising given the fact that I have the tendency to disappear without a trace. If you are following my blog, I am sure you would have known by

Well, by chance, I decided to post something to update this already nearly dead blog.

My life couldn't get anymore hectic and chaotic at the moment..With 3 assignments which I have no idea where and how to begin , as well as work and personal matter to juggle around, you can imagine me running around without adequate sleep or rest with time and finance resources running low..

Not to mention that I have not been sticking to my strict diet and exercise regime like I used now you have a panda eyed hippo sitting down typing all this stuffs at this very minute.

Then again, I am still kind of proud to say that I completed around 5 books ( of a duration of 2 months) even when during my busiest moment..

Books read:

I)The Belgariad Book #2: Queen of Sorcery