Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dear All,

I feel dejected..not by anyone but myself..
Haven't been keeping a strict regime on my diet intake and workouts..
As a result, I can already see myself gaining more weight each day and the new breakouts on my face doesn't help much either..
You guys may think that : " Gosh..this guy is so shallow and narcissistic" but well,I couldn't help it..
Just for once,I would like to look good and feel good about myself..Having a pretty low self esteem of myself makes things worse..*sigh*

Another issue which I had in mind is regarding the old man..Why can't he just disappear from my life..such a bothersome creature..yes, I am very thankful for him for bringing me up but I don't see a big deal on it..after all, if he can bring me to this world,this is his responsibility..In my eyes however, he is a failure, I mean a total failure..Curse me all you want, label me as an ingrate and an unfilial son but I don't exactly give a damn anymore..and to my dear uncles, I am sorry that he has been such a trouble to all of you..and I am sorry that I couldn't repay the favour..

I don't know what to do now..seriously I am feeling so lost..all I want is to live my life the way I want to without depending too much on anybody..just me, myself and I..

:(,Chris C

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