Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chang Er and Me

Dear All,

Hows things going for you guys? I hope that it is better than my current situation dealing with water supply crisis at the campus hostel which I am getting really tired and annoyed with..Just hoping to get a suitable place to move out as soon as possible..*sigh*.. Should have done that earlier.. :/


Last Wednesday was the Mid- Autumn celebration or commonly known as the " Mooncake Festival " where people indulge in the sinfully delicious calories packed Diabetes causing pastry and small children played with fire by burning lighting up candles and lanterns..

So in accordance to the festival, my class decided to have our very first own cohort celebration since most of us are away from home and it is a good chance to share this wonderful culture with our non-chinese classmates..:)

Name of Event : Mooncake Festival a.k.a Cohort 2 Lighting Sessions ( WTF..LoL)
Date : 22nd Sept 2010
Venue : Taman Jaya , PJ

.......I am feeling lazy to type any more further details........


As they say " Pictures speaks a sen no kotoba-wa ", I am posting up some photos instead for the torture pleasure of my dear reader's eye.. :P

The lighting team with the lights on

The team with the lights off *lol*

Cool Looking Formation :D

Group pose once again



Kong Ming Lantern 1

Kong Ming Lantern 2

Kong Ming Lantern 3: Up up and away~

Kong Ming lantern 4 : Bye~ Bon Voyage~

Yours Truly with his Lantern and Lighting teams :)

Well,thats all for now folks..see ya all another time~ :)
Cheers and take care~

* Photos courtesy of Lee Li and Sheng Mei..special thanks to both of our superb photographer :) *

Chris C


  1. hi, chewy...galnd tat u like the appreciate alot...hahahaha...

  2. You guys used branches to hold the lanterns, like what I always do haha!

    And I am amazed by your ability to describe "mooncakes" LOL!

  3. @ Lee Li : :D Thanks for organising..appreciate it a lot too :)

    @ Dory : LOL..You wouldn't know how silly all of us look while holding bunches of tree branches on the way to the a group of orang asli..the people in their car on the road were practically staring at us one kind..haha