Saturday, July 3, 2010

First week of July

Dear All,

Hoping that you are all fine..It's been a long week or at least it seemed to be one..
Was down with flu and mild sore throat but thank God that at least the sore throat is cured..currently nursing my stuffy nose..Must be due to the ever changing weather and also the ongoing construction at my campus..Well,do take care of yourselves and take plenty of fluid..

I have to say that last sem was a blur and this sem is worst..somehow I find it hard to figure out what exactly am I supposed to study..even after going through the module booklet..I mean ,its not that I am totally lost..just that I have no idea as in whereabout to start..

And also eversince the last exam,I found myself increasingly laidback about skipping my usual daily jog fix..wondering if I am really that worn off...perhaps its my body cue telling me its time to slow down..

Owh well...that is all I can say for now..till then..take care peeps

Yours sincerely.

Chris C

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