Monday, June 14, 2010

Past, Present and the unknown Future..

Dear All,

Time does fly terribly fast...In a blink of the eye,we have reached halfway through the year 2010.

Looking back in time,so much has happened..yet..

There may lie some unfortunate regret and issue unresolved somewhere somehow...

A new semester has began..unsure of my performance during the last semester but I have a feeling it would not be a good one..then again,I shall go on with my life and wait till then..and from there,I shall think of something.

Life is getting tiring..constant worries everyday..are we meant to exist in this world to be a worrisome creature..paranoid of every moving seconds..expecting the unexpected in the unforeseen future while struggling to live in the present and trying to forget the dark past?

Time is such a powerful tool..the fear of all mankind as nothing can escape from time..Things change..and sometimes it may not be towards the direction you want it to be..and all is left is fragments of memory may it be a good one or vice versa.

Constantly telling myself to move forward and yet move slow..savour every moment to the fullest..Life may not be a bed of roses..but if you try hard enough to pause and observe,one may catch a whiff of the fragrant smell of the roses which is a reminder that beneath every hardship,there would be a reward waiting at the end of the rainbow.

People come and go..not many would have stayed put in your life..each having their own goals in life,thus moving towards their own direction searching for what they longed for..a desire unfulfilled.

Close my eyes and take a deep breath..listens to the inhalation and exhalation of the very life force in our body..the beating of the heart..unconsciously feel the movement of my joints..the wind which blows every strand of my hair..the sound which travels into your ears and creates a story in your mind's eye..

Just need a rest...time and tide may not wait for man but it is in your hands to use whatever time given in your own way albeit every moment passed could never be rewind..

Keeping in touch with the invisible spiritual faith..trying to explain the unexplainable in your own words..trying to catch up with the world..preserving every moment with your loved ones..before it all perishes...

A complicated melody playing inside my head,a mixed reaction of feelings..unsure which path to go..when the heart and mind says otherwise..Isn't life a funny thing..

Just like now itself,finding solace in penning down whatever random musings may it make sense or not..after all its a representative of my winding mind..generated from the consciousness within myself..

You are here..and then am I..leaving every regrets behind and reaching out to the uncertainty ahead of me..that is the way it should harm looking back once a while but to dwell in it is forbid..

Walking in the streets,shyly gazing the faces of strangers...not daring to make eye contacts..but for sure a silent smile is engraved across the face..

Wishing to expand my see the world before it ends..or before my time ends..........

Yours Truly,

Chris C. the Dream Weaver

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